The 3 Skills You Need to Communicate in an Interview

Highlight your strengths in an interview in a clear and concise way. Break your skill set into 3 parts: 1) Personal 2) Transferable and 3) Knowledge based.

Knowledge based skills include educational achievements, computer skills, as well as managerial and marketing experience.

Transferable skills are the underlying skill sets used in almost any career (e.g. organization; management; interpersonal; leadership; etc). Give specific examples of how you performed these functions in your last job, and explain how you’ll use them in the new job. This is why knowing the job description in-and-out is important

Personal skills are inquired when a potential employer asks “Describe yourself.” Tell them you’re goal oriented, self-motivated, or analytical. Whatever you say, be prepared to give examples–and be honest! If organization is not your strong suit, don’t say you are. You’re setting yourself up for an embarrassing situation.

Remember, before you go in for the interview, PREPARE! Think of it like you’re studying for a test. Be concise, honest, and avoid coming off boastful. Be confident, but not cocky.


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