Call Metrics: A Useful Sales/Recruitment Tool?

Google recently released a new feature in Adwords called Call Metrics. It allows advertisers to attach a phone number to their adtexts. This is another way to gather data and analyze it for targeting purposes. My question is, is this something sales people and recruiters could use to optimize phone time?

My friend, an SEM account manager, and a trusted source for social media information, argued with  me that online marketing and social media are two different worlds. I however think they are merging more every day, and call metrics is a perfect example. Marketers use tools like call metrics to collect data and use it to optimize conversion rates (i.e. how to attract the most purchasing customers to their clients adtexts in the most cost-effective way). Isn’t that the trend in business social media? Isn’t the objective of all business Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter users, to get the most amount of followers possible? Of course it is. The larger the following, the larger the revenue! Keep in mind, quantity doesn’t always mean quality–but that is another post altogether–a possible follow-up on this topic manana!
Following this logic, think of the possibilities if recruiters and sales people could use these types of metrics to analyze their phone activity! I know these kinds of platforms are out there now at call centers, but are they being utilized in the world of sales and recruitment? Think about how much time and money you could save if you could gather quantifiable information on the subject. For example, when you spend between fifteen to thirty minutes on a call with a potential client you have a higher placement or sales rate than when you spend less than fifteen and over thirty minutes. With this knowledge you would be able to optimize client service and have a general idea what a quality call should time out. It would be key for this information to be individualized, because as most sales people and recruiters will tell you, each person has their own style. One recruiters optimal phone time may be fifteen minutes, while another may be twenty-five.

Forget about call metrics, what if you could quantify the success rate of certain subject matter, sales pitches, images, etc. Sure this is being done by the marketing departments of companies with bookoo bucks in campaign budgets, but what about the small business guy? Isn’t that what Adwords is doing right now in e-commerce? Its all about making information more cost-effective and accessible. Consequently, allowing people utilizing social media to make more money. Just some thoughts for the mind. Love to hear your thoughts.


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