5 Things Every LinkedIn Profile Should Have

Okay, if you know these tips than use this post as a refresher. However, if you don’t know these rules to putting together a good LinkedIn profile, listen closely grasshopper.

1.Update and Interact as Often as Possible with Connections. Example, next time you see one of your contacts are promoted, congratulate them! It’s a good way to show them you still are thinking of them and staying in contact. Also, its just nice.

2. Recommend Others. Be proactive. Go through your contacts and send a brief recommendation of them on their page. No, this is not about looking for the reciprocity, although that’s nice when it happens. Its about showing appreciation to your cherished contacts. Remember, social media is about using this medium to build real and lasting relationships. This takes time and effort! ALSO, whenever you post a recommendation, your name is on the front of that person’s profile, which is another way for you to get you name out there.

3. Join Groups. Get Involved in discussions. Its a great way to keep updated on the latest news in your industry. It offers you opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals, and a chance to promote a blog or a website. When you do promote a blog or website, makes sure it offers value to the conversation. You wouldn’t start shoving your business cards in your colleagues faces while they are in the middle of sharing family pictures. Timing and, most importantly, sincerity are key.

4. Start Your Own Group. Find a topic of interest and get new people talking to you and to each other.

5. Insert a Twitter Account. Yes I said Twitter! If you have not realized the market potential of Twitter, you better now. Twitter is growing, and if done right, can be a excellent source to connect with new contacts. I’m at the early stages of my Twitter account, but I can see how powerful it can be to building your brand. How to properly twitter is another post all together.

These are all very basic, but a good start for any novices out there. Its easy to get lazy about your profile, but if you stay persistent, I guarantee it will pay off in new contacts and job opportunities.

That’s all folks!

Credit due to Jeff Soto and Jeffrey Gitomer for this post’s information. Check out the book Social Boom!



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