Google Circles and Organizing a Database

Okay, so most of us have heard or are on Google+. Whether you’re tapping into its full networking value is another story. Every day I’m on it, a new feature pops up. This is great for everyone. This is especially great for Recruiters. Why? Recruiters deal with hundreds of people a week, and the challenge is staying organized and building real relationships. Google Circles helps you do this like no other free platform I’ve ever seen.

Google CirclesWhen I worked in financial recruitment we organized candidates by the products they handled and the salary they made. For example, a candidate who dealt with credit derivative and made 70k a year was in a file drawer with a pile of other candidates with the same background. This was an impersonal way of organizing our candidates. It was not an optimal way to search for them, either. Google Circles allows you to choose how you want to organize your database. This gives you the freedom to personalize your candidates. If you want to separate them by your degree of intimacy and by salary/product knowledge, you can. Also, Google Takeout is another cool feature. It lets you download all of your contacts out of Google+, giving you the option of leaving the platform, but not losing you contacts. Pretty cool! If you’re looking to start, look for me. Jesse Fernandez.

That’s all folks!

Enjoy the weekend–Fernandez


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