3 Parts to a Successful E-Mail.

E-mail marketers know the value of a well structured e-mail. A study showed people are willing to spend 1.54 seconds on deciding whether to read an e-mail or trash it. Recruiters and sales people send countless e-mails a day, so the pressure is on whether your e-mails stand out from the rest and result in a connection. Here are five tips to structure your e-mails like an online marketing pro.

1. Offer Value: The subject line is the first thing a viewer sees. Make sure it captures your content in a succinct way. It needs to offer value. People decide to offer their time to one of the hundreds of e-mails only if it provides them with something. Think about the headlines in the paper that connect with your interests and why. Avoid characters like $$ and !!!. Avoid phrases like “Free__” and using ALL CAPS. These are signals to your recipients spam detector to trash the message. It also looks too salesy, so even it if does make its way past the guard, it may be tossed.

2 Reel them In: You have a bite, but now you have to reel that trophy fish into the boat. After a recipient decides to open your e-mail, you now have only 5 seconds to convince them to keep reading. This means the first line of your message must convey the messages value. Again, be clear and to the point. Things like statistics, facts, and any kind of helpful information leads people to want to continue on. It gives your information credibility (ethos).

3. Touchdown! The end-zone of the e-mail gamut is the conversion. The conversion is what you hope the recipient does as a result of reading your e-mail (e.g. click on to a website; make a phone call; forward the message, etc.). If you do steps 1 & 2 well, your chances of a conversion are high. And that’s what’s it all about!

Recap: E-mails must be to the point, offer value, and prompt your recipient to act on whatever call-to-action you intend will result from sending it. Although, studies show Generation X and Yers consider e-mail passe, it’s still relevant in the day-to-day lives of recruiters and business people. Being aware of its power is vital for successful connections.

That’s all folks!



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