2 Must-Know Tactics to Save a Placement

Some companies are notorious for moving slow on offers. This is never pleasant for anyone involved. Yet, every recruiter has walked this tight-rope. On one side of the deal, the company is telling you “keep’em warm!” On the other side, you have a highly, sought- after-candidate who is interviewing with other companies—often being seduced by a fast moving competitor. The candidate is now doubting the company’s interest, mulling over the adage: a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

All these factors blend together to make a perfect storm. Fortunately, social media offers new ways to improve on old tricks. Here are two tips to help prevent the placement from slipping through your fingers.

  1. Keep Current on Your Candidate’s Status: In these situations, constant contact is key! You should give a call to your candidate once a day. In other words, be the pest! Give them a call to just shoot the breeze. This keeps you current on their day-to-day status. Social media gives you the added security of following thier status on LinkedIn. If you’re seeing updates showing they have connected with a local competitor, you better pick up the phone Jack! I’m not implying your candidate has not been forthright—although this happens in some unfortunate cases—but you have to always keep in mind, things move fast!  A day or two of not staying in contact  is all it takes for someone to swoop-in and steal them. Social media gives you added options for status updates!
  2. Leverage Your Network—Should your candidate tell you they are considering other offers–and your reassurance the offer is any day is not enough anymore–contact your hiring manager or HR rep!Explain to them, if they don’t want to lose the candidate, they need to give them a call and reassure them the wheels are in motion. If that doesn’t suffice, go on LinkedIn and look at what connections you have in common with your candidate. Find someone you both know who is working at the company–ideally someone you or a colleague placed. Ask them to give your candidate a call and explain to them they were in a similar situation when on-boarding.  To hear from a peer they went through the same scenario, and their decision to trust the company and you was the best career decision they made, is HUGE!

Recap: 1) Stay in constant contact with your candidate throughout the waiting process 2) Use your network to keep their focus on the job.

Have any other ideas, or just want to share your thoughts? Leave a comment. The opinions of recruiters and candidates can make this list great!



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