Two Objectives You Need to Have in Your Job Search

Above my desk at home I have a quote pinned to my wall from Robert Collier. It reads: “success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” I love this quote because it gives realistic direction to anyone in pursuit of success. It reminds me patience and consistency are necessary whenever pursuing a goal. This truism is just as applicable when it comes to a job search. You have to have clear goals before beginning, and be consistent in your pursuit of them

When using social media for a job search begin by writing down two or three goals you want to achieve. Make your goals reasonable. Obviously, getting a job is the ultimate goal, but having measurable objectives will put you on track to the bigger one. Remember you can always change or modify your objectives as your job search evolves. For example, this week I will 1) focus on making 20 contacts at a company I know is hiring via LinkedIn and Twitter. This objective can be measured at the end of the week, allowing you to check if it was effective and how much closer it brought you to your ultimate goal of finding a job.  

Below are two suggested objectives to use when pursing your bigger goal of finding a job using social media.

1.      Know The Networks You Want to Focus Your Time On: A survey done this year by jobvite found the three most used social network sites by human resource professionals and job recruiters are: 1. LinkedIn 2.Facebook 3.Twitter. If you want to make yourself potential job-prey, you want to be where the hunters are gathering. Make yourself as conspicuous of a target as possible by getting on these three sites. I strongly suggest focusing on LinkedIn because it the most used by employers and headhunters and the site best tailored for someone in pursuit of employment.

2.      Focus on Your Industry by Targeting Specific Companies: Example, on LinkedIn focus on the toolbar at the top of your profile page. Under the “Jobs” button you can find companies in your industry hiring. Once you have found two or three companies you think are right for you (I suggest not exceeding three) write the company in the search box and add it to your list of companies to follow. It will show you who in your list of contacts either works at the company or knows people at the company. Contact those people and see if they can lead you in the direction you need toward the hiring managers. Ask them if they can make an introduction. If you don’t know anyone at the company, start introducing yourself to people with similar backgrounds. See the discussion groups these people are in and begin joining the conversations. Again, be specific. Your time is best spent focusing on two or three specific companies than machine-gun-firing your resume all over the street. The more focused your objectives, the better return on your investment toward your goal. You may not get the immediate gratification of applying to large amounts of jobs; however, relationship building will get your foot-in-the door a heck of a lot faster than turning your job search into a numbers game.  



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